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# 1 Where does STO install?
01-11-2010, 04:46 PM
This info is gathered from post that follow, for a quick recap:
This info is for downloading the game, if you have the disc and install from there, please skip to the folder portion of this post. If you purchased the game and were playing the beta, just patch up the beta and play the game. You will need to update your profile with the new retail key under the my account link.

Initially you will need to download and run the Star Trek Downloader.
After the Star Trek Downloader hosted here is complete there will be a setup.exe file that will need to be run for game install. This setup file will then run like any other setup install process.

This will then install the game to a default folder:
Win XP
C:\Program Files (x86)\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online
Vista/Win 7
\Users\Public\Games\Cryptic Studios\

Concern over not installing in Program Files (PF) on Vista/Win 7 machines. Basically if installed in PF the operating system makes it harder to keep the game up to date with all the patches that MMOs will see, due to a feature within Vista/Win 7. For actual post by coderanger see page 2.

Question was asked about how many charactor slots you have, and what happened to beta toons. From Coderanger on page two, "2 to start, you can unlock 1 extra Klingon slot later. You got 2 extra for purchasing the lifetime or 12 month subscriptions (though I think the offer has ended)." As for charactors that you may have had during the beta, they were wiped prior to release, unless you had your head start toons, all previous ones were erased for release.

Thanks to all that helped calm my nerves.

***Original Post***
Ok, I probably missed something, but I grabbed the installer from the main page and am using the Star Trek Downloader. After hitting the .exe file, it asked for a temporary folder to download the files to, and I'm currently downloading to a folder I don't wish to have a game at. Was just wondering if after the downloader will I then have to run another file, or the folder that was created called "Star Trek ST.0.20100108a.0" run the game out of that?

Using Win 7, so not sure if that makes a difference. FAQ just says,
"Locate the file downloaded in your download directory, and double-click it.
Complete the installation process to start the Star Trek Online launcher.
When the launcher starts, enter your Username and Password, and click Submit.
Patching should begin automatically. The progress bar displays the percentage of patching completed. When the patching completes, click Play to start Star Trek Online"

So I'm kind of assuming the launcher will actually install the game, but this downloader is huge, almost 8 gigs, expected it a little different I guess.