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So, I've gotten involved in Foundry mission reviews and have decided to make a thread of detailed playthrough reviews for them, much like Stoutes and Evil70th.

A detailed review is made during play, so I'll be jotting down side comments in addition to stuff I like and stuff you might want to change. I will also look for typos, point them out, and highlight my changes in red. I also RP a bit, and may note where race-specific dialog options might be useful (ref: my remarks on "The Bajoran" by djf021). Lack of them is not a black mark against you, just something to consider adding.

I review Starfleet missions using a budget, semi-canon weapons-booster build of the T4 Galaxy-class exploration cruiser. The build can be found on STO Academy here. This is partly to see how difficult the mission is combatwise if you don't have a crazy-minmaxed ship (I found running missions in my Fleet Avenger to be too easy ), and partly because there's just something about the GCS I like.

I review on a full five-point scale. One star out of five is given only if there are game-breaking bugs, such as the issue in "Left to Die" where the player's ship spawns inside an asteroid. Five out of five is given if I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the mission was well-written and well-choreographed, and if there aren't any major typos (I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi). Remember, this is one man's opinion, not absolute fact.

Current queue status.

-- Post your mission details (at minimum, title, your in-game handle, faction, minimum level, and a link to your mission's forum thread if you have one) and I will add them to the queue/.
-- I will also occasionally review missions on my own, for example in the review-trading thread, and will repost here.
-- I do not review grinders or farmers because I hate them and think Cryptic should give General Order 24 against all of them.
-- I physically cannot review any mission starting at the Donatu System in Eta Eridani Sector Block because the system is bugged for me (its interact dialog will not show up except for the Cryptic mission "Skirmish").

I can review Fed, KDF, and Fed Rom missions of any level.
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