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Originally Posted by starswordc View Post
StarSword-C's Detailed Review of "Healing Old Wounds" by @aleniskendra, Stardate 91462.85 (11/09/2013). Originally posted here.
Overall Score: 2/5.

Pros: The story concept is good and the dialogue is usually okay.

Cons: The dialogue is a bit flat at times (for example: Taselle just had her father get murdered right in front of her, but then in the next room she's all business). And the maps need work. Easily half of them could be culled completely without really affecting anything, and the ones to keep are awfully empty.
Just to reiterate, for other readers of this review... I will be doing a major overhaul of this mission, just as soon as my Foundry capability is restored. (It's down, due to the game update.)
My very first Foundry Mission, Healing Old Wounds, has been completely reworked and rereleased!
(Also, a quick shout-out, please visit Starbase UGC for all your Foundry needs!)