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Originally Posted by skelet0rr View Post
I like the DD too myself but why the hell isnt the D'kazanak class also available?
Because its name sounds like a sneeze?

I kind of agree with the OP.

Regardless of whether the D'deridex is functional as it is, a significant portion of the fun to be derived from playing STO lies in flying around iconic Star Trek vessels. For those of us who started our Trekking with TNG or DS9, the D'deridex is THE Romulan ship. I've always loved its design and was drawn back to give STO a second chance because of it.

But.... it's a cruiser (not the most popular vessel choice) and personally I lean towards science ships. So that's a big loss of fun factor.

My fingers are crossed that the new science warbirds being developed draw inspiration from the D'deridex for their design (but not size!).