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If you ordered from D2D and downloaded the zip file, the updater may be trying to download a 10GB patch for no reason. I had this problem too, then realized that the hogg files were missing from when I first extracted them and installed the game.

After uncompressing the files the first time:

Step 1. Install the game once.

Step 2. Check if the pigg folder is empty after installation. I believe that the installer is cutting and pasting the files rather than copying.

Step 3. Unzip the pigg folder a second time, to the same location as the setup.exe.

Step 4. Run the installer again to the same location. It will see that there are hogg files already in your install folder and proceed to install them onto an application data folder.

Step 5. Run the patcher again and see if it is still trying to download the 10GB patch. After I did these steps, it allowed me to launch the game right away, so I could tweak my video and audio settings to my liking.

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