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11-23-2013, 01:03 AM
Love trolls who refuse to actually provide feedback to a persons question and just want to shove their opinion on "other" ships down their throat lol...

Anyways on the OP's question, The Ha'Feh Has even to or lower then Hull and shield mods compared to any other "escort" like warbird. The Ar'kif has a Hanger + higher hull str (believe by about a few hundred, not a huge difference)

The downside of the Ar'kif though is it funnels that Lt com Uni slot into a forced engi Boff, otherwise youll be stuck only using a ensign Engi leaving you pretty squishy.

The Ha'feh has A pretty standard Boff layout letting you use the Uni Lt commander slot for a 2nd Tact slot or whatever you choose to.

Both ships have +15 weapons, and of course 4/3 weapon layout ...also both ships have 5 tact consoles. The main differences will be the Ar'kifs Hanger, and the Ha'feh's Boff layout allowing the 2nd Tact slot for Attack patterns (Dmg buffs)