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11-23-2013, 01:05 AM
Originally Posted by varnoukh View Post
KDFs do extremely well in the science department.

Besides the two sci carriers and other sci ships, there's the raiders.

I never noticed just from browsing through the wiki but with Q's recent double xp goodness I decided to level a kdf character to 50 just to have one. That's when I noticed that every boff station on raiders (available at every tier) is universal.

Who cares about sensor analysis? I've not encountered many ships that last long enough for it to kick in. Subsystem targetting? Nice but not essential. But access to a sci officer at a com station (yeeha!) and the flexibility to do what you like with the others. That's sweet as.

In terms of functionality and stats they're basically smaller (i.e. faster but squishier) versions of the T'liss/T'varo but with all universal boff stations.

I envy the KDF those ships.
As someone who's flown BoPs for 45 months I'd like to know which part of +15 to weapons and no version with 4 science consoles sounds like "science".
It's like saying BoPs make good cruisers since you can just as well put an engineer in the commander slot.

Have you actually tried it out?
I'd like to encourage you to do so...nonono seriously try it. Since the ship is so squishy you usually end up using the heals a science ship usually deals out to others on yourself.