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11-23-2013, 01:11 AM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
As someone who's flown BoPs for 45 months I'd like to know which part of +15 to weapons and no version with 4 science consoles sounds like "science".
It's like saying BoPs make good cruisers since you can just as well put an engineer in the commander slot.

Have you actually tried it out?
I'd like to encourage you to do so...nonono seriously try it. Since the ship is so squishy you usually end up using the heals a science ship usually deals out to others on yourself.
The only fleet Romulan ships with +15 weapons are the Ha'feh and Ar'kif, rest have 10+5 engines =/

Honestly whats so godawful about the Ha'nah guardian that makes Romulans science officers whine? It has decent hull/shield mod, a ok turn rate, battle cloak, and a good boff layout...The only gripe I can think up is maybe cosmetics and variation? Im sure theyll add more Romulan sci ships eventually but lets face it, Dps type ships sell far better.