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11-23-2013, 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by deathsremnant View Post
The only fleet Romulan ships with +15 weapons are the Ha'feh and Ar'kif, rest have 10+5 engines =/
I can only guess to the why but I'd say it goes something like this:
Warbirds all have a +15 overall to power.
They also all have reduced power output so they end up being slower.
So the bonus to engines is probably there to keep them mobile enough.
The T'varo while having the better impulse mod of the He'feh is probably given this bonus to make it a bit more of a raider than the Ha'feh which is more like a...bomber?

Originally Posted by deathsremnant View Post
Honestly whats so godawful about the Ha'nah guardian that makes Romulans science officers whine? It has decent hull/shield mod, a ok turn rate, battle cloak, and a good boff layout...The only gripe I can think up is maybe cosmetics and variation? Im sure theyll add more Romulan sci ships eventually but lets face it, Dps type ships sell far better.
The sad part is that I actually like my Ha'nom.
I flew round in an RSV for over two years fedside and was very comfy with it too.
But I can certainly understand where a lot of people come from who don't like it the way it is: the ship feels a lot like a cruiser-science hybrid similar to the Nebula but without the cruiserish (is that a word?) BO setup to go along with it.
And of course due to the reduced base power the ship is still a bit more sluggish something many folks probably find frustrating.

As far what sells better goes: if Cryptic based everything around that the game would consist of one faction (Feds) with only two kinds of ships: escorts and tactical cruiser like the Excelsior, Regent and Avenger.