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11-23-2013, 11:36 AM
I am looking for a sci/sci build that can navigate high-end pre-made pvp and also do enough dps to quickly clear pve.

Currently I have a sci/healer setup and it's worked ok thus far but tbh, it is basically unneeded in pve.

Ship: Wells

Fore Weapons: Grav Torp; 2x rapid fire transphasics
Aft Weapons: omni-directional beam; 2x rapid fire transphasics
Deflector: Elite Fleet
Impulse: MACO
Warp: Elite Fleet Reinforced [REP] [S->A][WCap][AMP][SSS]
Shields: MACO

Devices: RMC; Shield Bat; Field Modulator
Engi Consoles: Neutronium [+HullRep]x2; Spatial Charge
Sci Consoles: 2xVoth sci consoles shield emitters; 2xEmbassy particle gen
Tac Consoles: Nukara Particle Converter; Tachyokinetic; Tipler

Lt.Com Uni: EPTS 1; Ext. Shield 1; A2SIF 2
Lt. Uni: Jam Sensors 1; Scramble Sensors 1
Ensign Eng: EPTA 1
Comm. Sci: PH 1; HE 2; Sci Team 3; Grav Well 3
Lt. Sci: Tractor Beam 1; TSS 2

- Maintenance Engineer (Increase healing skills when using EPTA)
- 2x Damage Control Engineers (Emergency power recharge reduction)
- Developmental Lab Scientist (recharge reduced for Sci Team)
- Gravimetric Scientist (aftershock GW)

The build seems to work well for healing as the 2pc. MACO + fleet deflector push cooldowns low enough to rely on 1 copy of my sci skills. I just haven't been able to find a way to balance out the healing with lower level skills to allow for more offensive setups. Anytime I try for pure CC/particle damage builds I lose so much survivability.

Really interested in thoughts - I'm open to any ship/equipment/boff advice.