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01-11-2010, 08:18 PM
Originally Posted by NiteFever View Post
ok i just did this on my 2 computers. i will list my steps. both my systems are running VISTA, so your directories may be different

1. Downloaded the install files
2. Installed the game on both my labtop and my desktop
3. ran the patcher on my labtop, patched 2.5 GB of files.
4. loaded the game to make sure the patch worked. CHECK
5. Copied the ENTIRE Cryptic Folder (C:/users/public/games/cryptic) from my labtop over to my desktop, which replaced any files that were updated.
7. loaded the launcher on my desktop, it said patching for a few seconds but ultimately let me load the game up

using this method you should not have to re-patch the 2nd computer
Yeah, the patcher ends up downloading the 2.5gb of missing hoggs, even though you already should have them..