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01-11-2010, 07:43 PM
since no one has answered this for you i will

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!! this WILL delete everything you have on your computer and reset it to as if you had just pulled it out of the box and turned it on for the first time.

restart your computer, as the computer starts up you will see a splash screen with the HP logo etc, at the bottom left of the screen on that splash it will tell you the button you need to press in order to start the system restore. usually it is one of the following F10 F11 or F12. F11 is most common. if you do not see it on the splash screen just press F11 , and if that does not work restart again and press F10 instead. either way once the restore has been triggered the screen will tell you as much and give you a list of options.

it may present you with an option to reinstall the os while saving your old data. if you are sure this is not the work of a virus you can go with that option however be forwarned. the old data may not be where it was origionally and programs, such as this game, will still have to be reinstalled, but anything like pictures should be safe. if you believe this is a virus go with the full restore option, which will warn you that all data will be lost.