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01-11-2010, 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by Erebus View Post
just curious as to why i get a username/passord invalid error on the launcher instead of the not allowed error like i'd expect.
Possibility: Your user name and password isn't in the list of allowed users yet?

No idea how their network architecture works (would love to see a diagram of this btw) but all the keys being entered today are flagging each of our accounts as allowed users of the host server. Our login data needs to be copied from the web/forum database to the game server database so it has a list of users to work from.
I'm guess not all of that is copied over yet. So that could explain a difference in message.
The "not allowed" indicates you are in the system, but not allowed to connect yet (for whatever reason), and the "incorrect yada yada" indicates the lack of any user data. Or something like that.

I would think all of this happens near instantly... but god knows what's happening on cryptics end right now.
As testers we are sort of working half blind. Cryptic knows what's going on on their end, and we are telling them what's happening on our end.... so really the only ones with the full picture are cryptic.