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11-24-2013, 10:21 PM
Beta Report
Mac Mini 2.26 Core 2 Duo 8Gb ram
Nvidia GeForce 9400, 256 MB
OSX v10.9 (fully updated, much to my duress)
Client Version 1.0.009465

Client loads and plays at full resolution beautifully. Able to run everything so far at least as well as the Wineskin client. Default (hi-res) options far superior to the level that must be set to keep the wineskin client happy. [BTW, the Academy is BEAUTIFUL in full res]. Much like most versions of the skin, however, there seems to be a stack heap issue. I can only run so long, or maybe change maps so many times, before the client slows, stalls and crashes.

My first crash killed the client. I eventually trashed it and reloaded the entire thing (then made a backup to an external HD). The new version hasn't crashed yet, but I limit activity to doffing 4 toons and running 1-2 rep missions. this seems to keep it happy.

-The text editing on this client is superior to the wineskin. I'm able to click between letters and actually have the cursor land there. Nice.
-No choke hold on the graphics means full res video doesn't slow down the interface.

- The wineskin allows the screen size to be adjusted like any other window (grab the bottom corner and drag to the size you want. I can only seem to get the "windowed" size to change on the mac client to one of 5 default settings. I would prefer to be able to change size randomly, or at least have a 16:9 aspect screen that is only about 1000 pixels wide.

I realize that my machine is a generation behind the minimum suggested specs, but I really think it can handle it. If you would like me to test specific things (Count number of maps before crash, etc) feel free to ask.