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11-25-2013, 06:48 AM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
You mean some more don't you?
The Vet Destroyer is one of the runnerups IIRC.
I can only speak for me, but cryptic seems to have the talent to keep out good looking starfleet ships and choose someugly one instead. lol.

I agree the insignia would be nice to have as the upper right ship, too.

To be honest, i miss the oval shaped saucers (the wide ones). I think they should have continued that design along with the streched style of the sovereign. There is place for both design philosophies IMHO.

Why i always found irritating is the tendency to give ships more and more long and streched nacelles.
With the Ambassador - Galaxy - Intrepid (canon ships btw.) we could see a tendency to get smaller and smaller nacelles. But some movie producer decided that long nacelles look better (completely ignoring the history of ships before) and decided that the GCS (enterprise) should be replaced with a totally rediculus streched looking ship.

My point is that STO could be the place where both design philosopies could exist along with each other. New designs should have a alternative saucer shape for instance, as well as some smaller nacelles.
Also the option to have different facing pylons should be mandatory for a new released ship IMO.