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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post

I know devs won't react to this thread, just by reading my name but anyway.

I would like to propose a alternative 2409 Starfleet style, that looks different than the egg shaped saucer and long nacelles, most of Cryptics Starfleet creations have. (Odyssey, Avenger, Regent)
This is not meant as a substitution to the already existing ship models, but a alternative to it.

I don't have much graphic material on my own, so i will use other sources to show what i mean.

Here's a alternative Odyssey (just a bad concept, but you get the point) that shows different ratio and a different shaped saucer.

Yes, some will say "hey it looks like a Galaxy Class"... i know.

Constitution - Ambassador - Galaxy design line should be included in STOs 2409 style too, not just the Excelsior and Sovereign design, in my opinion.
Introducing different shaped saucers and other ship parts would give us players much more space to experiment and Cryptic could sell them via the C-Store.

So i think it would be a nice idea to give us some alternatives for our ships.
Especially since most of cryptics starfleet designs have the tendency to be too much filled with edges and other "cool" things. I think a different design aproach (elegant and more fluid shapes) could be a welcome change.
this ship looks actually better than most of the cryptic ships. i dont like the sources section as long as 20 football fields. the ship you posted here looks actually good and does not have some ugly deflector (like most of the cryptic ships)

i always think like "would this ship fit into a star trek tv series" and most times i see cryptic ships, i say "no". even if its 2409 or whatever. there should be more hardcore star trek fans at cryptic to run their quality control.
What ? Calaway.

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