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11-25-2013, 10:23 AM
I am pretty much all onboard with the general thoughts of this thread. As ive put it...Cryptic seems to be making all of the starships more like hotrods instead of "streamlined" and majestic.

They like to cut holes into ships for whatever reason, they add pointy bits (which are fine, though without an option for smoother hulls). Things seem to be jagged, rugged, ect and in my own (small) opinion this detracts from the feel of the ships.

I feel they should be moving fed ships more back to a streamline look, much like the new Odyssey. Klingons ships as well had a great feel when they had less cables and holes in the wings such as the D-7. And as much as I like the ship artists, think they are great guys, they have to get rid of this split head weirdness on the Romulan ships, and think less hotrod and obvious bird reference and more functional-beautiful ship.

my 2 cents