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11-26-2013, 08:20 AM
Personally i don't really like the design of the Odyssey either.

But ... and that's a big BUT ... Cryptic already said they choose this, because most of the ships entered (the really gorgeous looking ones) where mostly concepts of different artist, simply brought into the competition, because a fan liked it. There would have been to much legal trouble if one of those would have been choosen. So a vague concept of a fan was choosen, an original creation, the rights of which belonged to the fan and were probably given to cryptic.
The artists here have to be really carful when creating something new for commercial use.

As for the Avenger. Personally i only find the side view to be fugly andthe back view plain okay. It's what i would expect a Federation battlecruiser to look like. Clunky as hell. Basically a rushed built that only exists because there was dire need for it.

Another thing to keep in mind is the need to keep multiple related starhip lines modular. A streamlined look would be way harder to realize. (see the Regent class neck for that). If that wouldn't be the case you couldn't mix and match the parts anymore. Youd basically just end up with lockbox-like ships where the only things you could do are, choose a hull texture and different decals. I'd rather not loose that freedom.

I would really like to see a Enterprise J type of ship, maybe made possible by the dyson sphere technology.