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01-12-2010, 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by coderanger
Perhaps Win7 has fixed it, but under XP and Vista it can't open zip files over 4GB. If it is working I don't intend to question how though :-)
Ah I didn't realize there was a size restriction. But obviously 7 has it fixed cuz I did it just fine.

(Good thing I've got 7zip on my Vista PC at the dorm )

Originally Posted by Erztez
No, it can't, and no disrespect to your father, maybe he should read up on what "proprietary formats" mean.
If that's the case when he was telling me about 7's unzipping capabilities then I guess he didn't mention .rar files and it was only my imagination. But it CAN do .zip files over 4 gigs.

PS: he's got a master's degree in some sort of computer engineering field (I keep forgetting precisely what.) I'm sure he knows exactly what a proprietary format is.