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11-26-2013, 01:06 PM
At a guess, the temporal weapons are the way they are because that's how they looked in the show--they don't look like a Cryptic design, so I don't think you should blame them this time. That said, I haven't actually seen any of the episodes that deal with the 29th century.

It would make sense to grip the front handle of the rifle, but that would require adding a new set of animations for a fairly small detail. And to be fair, you don't always have to hold the grip of a rifle in real life.

You "shoulder" stockless weapons for the same reason you raise a pistol--to look down the (in Star Trek, usually invisible) sights. I suppose if Starfleet has some sort of HUD that shows you exactly where the weapon is pointing you don't need to shoulder, but I've never seen any suggestion of that. Plus, you know, animations again.