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01-12-2010, 12:17 AM
Use a solid torrent app like utorrent, bittornado, etc ... some clients you guys might be using could be very outdated and lacking features.

Torrents take time to achieve max speed.

You may need to manually open ports in your firewall(s) or setup port forwarding as needed. This goes beyond the scope of the support I can give you here.

From my past experience with utorrent and a friend whom just installed it tonite, it went in and the setup wizard checked for open port, etc ...all went well and he is downloading at 150-300k right now, which means he should be done by OB start time.

Limit your upstream to some degree to make sure your not killing your connection and hence your download speed. If you have a 512 up, try setting your upload cap at like 30-40k to be safe, etc...

I have no clue what it is now, but the torrent was showing 300 seeds, and over 10k peers a couple hrs ago ...thats an insane amount of ppls sharing data. If you get stuff setup right, throttle your traffic correctly, and don't have a ISP thats shaping your traffic you'll knock that client out in no time.