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As for the Avenger. Personally i only find the side view to be fugly andthe back view plain okay. It's what i would expect a Federation battlecruiser to look like. Clunky as hell. Basically a rushed built that only exists because there was dire need for it.
I'm sorry but that explaination sounds like a cheap excuse to justify a ugly looking ship to me (pls, don't take that personal).
Cryptics Designers just lack the "feel" to make good looking Starfleet ships IMO.
On each one of their designs there is at least one element that looks out of place.
(like the avengers neck and saucer, the odysseys backwards facing pylons and so on)
Maybe Mr. Rivera (Lead of everything in STO) thinks that this is needed to make a ship look "cool", but for me it just ruins everything.

I don't see a reason why they couldn't create a additional wide saucer for the Avenger amongst other things for that ship.

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Another thing to keep in mind is the need to keep multiple related starhip lines modular. A streamlined look would be way harder to realize. (see the Regent class neck for that). If that wouldn't be the case you couldn't mix and match the parts anymore. Youd basically just end up with lockbox-like ships where the only things you could do are, choose a hull texture and different decals. I'd rather not loose that freedom.
Again i don't see a big hinderance there. Just look at the various starcruiser ship models, they blend good enough into each other.
Especially the various types of pylons is what i would like to have on other ships too.

On the other hand i really HATE the Noble and Majestic pylons (assault cruiser). I mean what did the "artist" think when placing holes into them? It looks just weird and totally out of place on a Starfleet ship.
Those ships would look way better if its creator would have kept them more smooth looking instead of making them look so blocky and just weird (sorry i couldn't find a better word for it).

As for the Regent neck, the biggest problem i have with it is that the various saucers don't "sit" on the right place. They should have been placed more to the front IMHO.

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I would really like to see a Enterprise J type of ship, maybe made possible by the dyson sphere technology.
What i like about that ship is the integration of the deflector into the wide hull. I think that's something they could have made at one of the star Cruisers (or better one of the assault cruisers) too.