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11-26-2013, 04:07 PM
Reman/federation 1 uniform has clipping issues with fleet emblem if more than 25% shoulder bulk is used.

Same uniform has clipping issues with voth soldier shoulder pads if 90%+ shoulder bulk is not used. Same uniform has drastic clipping with voth belt, and chest piece.

Voth lower cape passes thru character when blowing effect is applied, easily resolved by simply moving forward each time it occurs.

Voth chest gear and belts has sinking issue with this same and any romulan uniform that involves an undershirt. Parts of the belt and chest gear sink into the uniform top and pants.

Voth uniform has color changing issues when used on boff's, one piece of gear will alter color for multiple pieces at the same time.

All I have for now, but will try and provide more in future.
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