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Just a heads up for those of you that might not know Torrents THAT well...

If you click the torrent link and get the page of "funny characters", you need to use the "File --> Add torrent from URL" option (at least in UTorrent v1.8.5). Should automatically fill in the URL if you have that garbled page open or you can cut and paste the URL link in the pop-up box.

Capped my UL speed at 100K and it's singing along as of this timestamp with ~ 700 seeds and 6000 leaches with an average DL of 194k (310k max, 44k min for past hour) on my line here in the hinterlands of Canada. 23% done with an eta of 10 hours left. Hope the field report will help others make the right choice of where to get the client.

And please remember, Bit Torrent works because people SEED back. When you're done with the DL, leave that client running as much as you can to help the next guy down the line. You can always cap the UL/DL rates if you need the bandwidth speed elsewhere (like to play the game) but every little bit you can give back help. Ratio IS Karma. Cheers!

EDIT: ten minutes later and we're at 1000 seeds and 7400 leachers. Moving along nicely and eta is now five hours. Hop on the Torrent bus if you have the means, it's the way to go.