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11-26-2013, 09:13 PM
My submissions, first off is J'Tal, my Romulan Republic captain. Depending on the mission, J'Tall will either command his Falchion warbird, or his T'Varo warbird.

Next is my KDF character, General Rezra. An all femal Orion bridge crew and senior staff, aside from a Gorn tactical officer (he is immune to the pheromones of the Orion women). Rezra commands two ships, the Klingon carrier Fat Targ, and the captured Hogh Hev, a Feklhi carrier.

Rezra and her female crew wear the brown short jacket from the Winter Festival last year, as well as worn leather pants, and Klingon boots #1, and the round Orion shoulder pads. The Gorn wears the same pants and boots, as well as the veteran shoulder pads and guantlets.