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01-12-2010, 01:37 AM
Originally Posted by SteppenRazor
All i can say is... there have been many posts on it. Many 'unofficial' resolutions. I assume you guys are still sticking to the mantra the 'unofficial' solutions won't work, so you are stuck with what you got. If not, try one of the other suggestions posted or PM me. I wanna get as many people going as possible and I'm not here to nuke your poor puter.


P.S. The absolutely works because i am using it myself, there is just a 1.3 GB patch after you download that client (yes it does indicate Closed Beta, so what?) It'll get you going faster than the 'official' channels.
P.P.S Download uTorrent, much quicker and easier... if you are going the torrent way.
I got the 8.3 GB earlier this week... patched that one today... but when I login NOW... and press the ENGAGE button, it says : 'can't find game client, system can't find the given file'

Anyone who can help me !?