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Originally Posted by venarra View Post
Anybody remember the animated series?

Let's get Larry Niven's Kzinti, from _The Slaver Weapon_ Episode, as BOff's and DOff's.

Regular Kzin: Aggressive, Honorable, Resilient, Stubborn.
Kzin Telepaths: Honorable, Telepathic, Emotional, Peaceful

As a BOff, it would be nice to have Fed Bridge Officer as big as a Gorn...

Andorian would be a nice KDF ultra rare DOff. They were considered worthy adversaries by the Empire prior to joining the Federation. Maybe one who wants to get back in touch with his militaristic history. (I have two alien KDF officers who have traits identical to Andorians. So... I made them Andorians.)
Yes..... I even named one of my characters after Chuft Captain. But.... Niven said no, thus the devs decided to go with Ferasans(Kzinti in all but name) as a replacement for Kzinti.

I can haz joystick!
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