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This is the first time I've actually used a torrent, and I'm having some issues with port forwarding that is murdering my download speeds (sometimes getting < 1 kb/s with estimated times of 1 year+)

My machine is set up for a static IP address on the LAN.

I completely disabled Windows firewall, and am not using any other software firewall.

I configured my router for multiple different ports, and matched them up with the uTorrent client. None of the ports worked; I always have the red exclamation at the bottom of the client, which warns that a firewall/router is blocking traffic. I've used the PFPortChecker from, as well as the one built into uTorrent, and both tell me that the ports failed to connect.

I used a website (link posted by another poster on these forums) to test my torrent ports connection, and it said that it couldn't detect my ISP limiting any of them.

I'm completely at a loss as to what to do, I'm getting a maximum DL rate of about 40-45 kb/s (~150 kb/s is about the norm for regular downloads for me). I've tweaked the upload speeds in uTorrent, trying to set them fairly low, but nothing helps; it still says that literally every single port I try can't connect.