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01-12-2010, 02:59 AM
Just tried setting my machine to DMZ, and it still said the port didn't appear to be open.

My direct downloads (Fileplanet and the official Cryptic non-torrent one) were horrendously slow earlier, so maybe it's just something with my ISP; but the utter inability to open ANY port via the router seems strange. And when I used the link provided by another poster earlier, it ran an ~8 minute test and said it didn't appear that my ISP was limiting anything (Windstream is my DSL provider, if anyone is familiar with them).

I'm just...confused really. My surfing speed doesn't seem particularly slow, even while the torrent is running (cranking up the upload rate changes that, but I still get roughly the same speeds for DL then, if not lower). My inner Star Trek nerd is sad