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01-12-2010, 04:08 AM
You set the DMZ in your router btw. Often easier for testing purposes to just disconnect your router and wire your modem(dsl) right to you machine. Then you know that one potentional firewall pt is removed.
I had already tested the direct-to-modem route; did that probably ~2 hours ago actually, had forgotten about it at the time, but I did edit one of my earlier posts when I thought about it. And yea, I set the DMZ in my router, tested the port with the uTorrent client, and reverted from DMZ when that was a no-go.

You could stop the application and kill it, then restart it. It'll resume where it left off after it verifies the data quick, see what happens then.
I'll try that; I haven't restarted it in quite a while. After something like 3-4 hours the download is 2.9% complete. I've actually seen my DL rate spike up over 100 kb/s twice, but it only stayed there for a couple seconds, then it plummeted right back down to the 20's (or even < 10 sometimes). Dunno what all the wild fluctuation is about.

I am about outta ideas , sorry
Hey no problem, thanks for trying. I've been out of ideas for a while now myself, but figure there's still plenty of stuff I don't know about using Torrents.

Edit: By the way, what does it mean when it says: "Seeds: 5 of 1195 connected (0 in swarm)" ? I suppose the swarm has something to do with my direct connections, which aren't happening because of the port forwarding and/or ISP issue?