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01-12-2010, 05:18 AM
Originally Posted by DaWookie View Post
AVG has gone downhill some in the past year or so.

Your best current "free" antivirus is prolly Avast IMO.
As for the other scanners listed I mostly agree with maly and hijack.
Best defense is a good offense and PCs are no difference. Starts with a good browser, patches, and some common fricking sense.

I have been a user of AVG for many years. Started with Free and then moved on to full internet security. Version 8 was a pretty cool version but the new version 9 is a nightmare regards its firewall.

I have never had any problems while using AVG. No virus as ever got into my system. The ID protection with the paid version is first class.

I agree that MalwareBytes is fantastic. Theres also 2 sites here that can help with scanning individual files. These sites scan your selected file with every major and some minor AVs and so on.

Threatfire also can be handy cause it masks all keystrokes at the Kernal level which is pretty handy to stop keyloggers.

A-Squared is another handy one and I also use this site to check if my programs have any vulnerabilities.

A few other handy programs. Use google.

Spywareblaster - Stops malicious sites before they even have chance to load in your browser by blocking there IP addresses.

Spybot Seek and Destroy - Malware scanner

Update Checker from Filehippo.