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11-28-2013, 05:22 AM
Apparently, the skirt clipping issue (seams split when stomach slider is set above 60% and/or the hip slider is about 100%) is possibly solved.

At least on Tribble.

As I don't have holodeck access since the launch of season 8 and just recently (some hours ago) got a fix on Tribble, I can't tell if this clipping fix is already live. And as Tribble doesn't give you access on the TOS Romulan Uniform, I can't tell if that one's fixed, too.


There's another clipping issue, though. An old one, but I haven't seen any hint on it, here.
If a char is created with hips wider than the shoulders, the arms/hands will disappear in the hips.
Related to this, if a char with a stomach setting above 60% lies down on one of the lounge chairs on Risa (resort map), the hand will disappear in the stomach.
Not sure if this belongs here, though. If you think it does, I'll provide you with some pics. Just let me know.
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