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First of all, I'll recognize that the Mirror Universe has come a long way, cosmetically, since launch.

Now, I'd like to see a few things added and some work as Lobi/Lockbox items in addition to NPC upgrades:

#1) Upgrades and additions to Mirror Assets. In particular:

- Medals
- The ability to wear the Mirror badge on the right side of the chest, at least on TOS uniforms.
- Mirror Universe Captain's Vest.
- I might suggest redressing the TOS replica pack for sale as a Mirror TS relica pack.Yu're mainly looking at revised NPCs, insignia added to the doors, and an agony booth added across from engineering. Should be relatively cheap to produce with existing assets but there's a LOT of room for flavor in terms of NPC placements.


Mirror Klingon Bundle Features

Intendant and Overseer Costumes. This is a leathered up Bajoran costume for the Overseer outfit. The Intendant outfit is the one Kira wore.

Maybe includes playable Mirror Cardassians and playable Terrans Fed-side. (Terran DOffs have different racials so there would be a difference.) You could lock these species by faction but there's so much collaboration with the enemy in the MU, why bother? And you needn't be locked into the Mirror Cardassian traits when creating "real" Cardassians later.

#2) 2409 NPC upgrade and lockbox option.

- Mirror Universe uniforms traditionally are mirrored from standard uniforms for the Federation and show more skin for females. I'd like to see mirrored 2409 uniforms dropping in lockboxes alongside the Mirror ship options. These would also be good for NPCs. Could include cosmetic reskin elements for Klingons as well or maybe variants lie bare chest with tweaked Honor Guard gloves and boots; that kind of thing.

#3) Mirror Wells/Mobius Uniforms for Lobi

- We have mirror universe 29th century timeships but we don't have mirror uniforms for the Wells or Korath styles.

This could be accomplished through, at the least, a mirror badge that is a stylized sideways Terran Empire badge, possibly backwards uniform top or vest variant, and midriff variant.

I would also like to see mirror variants of the Lobi Relativity weapons that are more aggressive. No new art needed though.