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01-12-2010, 05:33 AM
Originally Posted by blowitup View Post
I just thought that tv would be better because I have seen cryptic play it on one.
It likely will look very good... but not really as good as it could.
It's another one of those "quantity over quality" issues that most seem to have these days. Cryptic could be using an HD set for a number of reasons... most likely being for demonstration. It's easier to show a group of people something using a larger display than a small one. And as a larger group would have to "stand back" so everyone could see what was going on you would lose a lot of the benefit of having a resolution higher than 1920x1080.
(viewing distance article: )
Bigger is only better if the increased size is matched by increased resolution.
If that 32" set could do 2560x1600 or 3840x2400 then it would be the best option. Plus, at those price ranges you are talking I doubt the TV would be very good (I'm guess it's a lower to mid quality LCD TV). For $230 you should be able to get a decent TFT monitor. Not the most color accurate or anything, but low lag time.

I use two $1200 NEC LCD2490WUXi here (H-IPS panel). They have a lot of lag compared to TFT panel monitors (for gaming anyway), but a lot of the work I do requires perfect color accuracy. My TV on the other hand (65" Mitsubishi WD65837) was only $1800. So here I have a 24" monitor and a 65" TV (nearly 3x the size of my PC monitors) that are near the same price. The difference is the TV, for all it's size, is limited to 1920x1080.

Ultimately it IS your decision. These are only my opinions and they are NOT de facto word on the subject. I know I thought about using an HD monitor and even a projector for gaming before, but decided against it because while either would have been nice for gaming, neither would have fit my other PC usage requirements.
I just tend to be of the school of thought that each technology has it's place. For gaming (or general PC use not requiring perfect color accuracy), TFT LCD monitor all the way.