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every time i wanted to sit down and go over thes posts the last week i got sidetracked, by all the insulation and drywall hanging to be done out in the garage

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Hi all, first off this thread is awesome! I don't do alot of PVP mainly with fleet mates and friends but would like to get better.

Here is a link to my bug and was wondering what I can do to make it more devastating and what doffs you all suggest using.

Thanks in advance and hope to see you on the battle field


I should mention I have a full Fleet dual heavy Accx2 Dmgx2 poloron setup with blue MK12 consoles and the MK12 Jem'hadar set.
is this for pvp? that looks well suited to pve, but wont work to well in pvp.

DC's, lose those, they are no good. your gunna want 4 DHCs instead.

for pvp on an escort, a non cloaking one at least, both EPtS and EPtE is basically essential, and you can fit both on the ship with 1 copy of each and damage control doffs. anything from 3 blues to 2 or 3 purples should be farily reliable for this. consoles and equipment are ok otherwise. AtS and HE1 are good on a ship like that, some people like to have RSP but you dont need it on something that fast imo.

since your just running cannons, for the rest of your doffs you cant go wrong with shield distribution doffs, giving you a shield heal with brace for impact.

APB is a good pve power, but wont get you anywhere in pvp really. try this instead


APO3 and CRF2 will get you higher spike then CRF3 and APO1 will. and with APD, you will alays have an attack pattern running, and that will give you extra resistence between APOs

thats pretty much your typical all cannon pvp escort build
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