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01-12-2010, 06:08 AM
Bah.. go hardcore and old school.

Sony Trinitron FW900 24inch WideScreen {22.5viewable} TrueFlat CRT.

I am kidding but hey.. just to chime in on the debate over size vs quality..

This was the same monitor used, and I got it from the same place, for the CG work in 300 the movie. The best color purity and excellent dot pitch. 1920x1200 at 90Hz, blueray looks like a dream. Some expensive converters needed.. but hey this thing is both my graphic editing and gaming monitor. Switching resolutions for anything is a snap.

Sure, some have nice 24inch or 30 inch monitors.. but its quality. The main thing about LCD monitors is what you wanna give up, or how much you will spend. Input lag, bleed out colors, true blacks, etc.

A TV can be great, but I can tell you nothing still beats a solid monitor. Whether its LCD.. or my CRT dinosuar that I think is just plain wonderful, side from the weight. Bigger isnt always better. The amount you will spend on an excellent TV, not just a bigger one that is soso quality, vs spending that on a monitor, will give you very noticable differences in quality.