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11-29-2013, 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by f9thaceshigh View Post
wouldn't it be nice...

If people said what their thread was about in the topic title?

I'm pretty sure someone said that the reason the Rom Temporal ships have a warp core is that they wanted them to be balanced with the Fed and KDF temporal ships.
What browser are you using? In Firefox I just get a tool tip that says the title. Seriously, this is a pet peev of mine, I don't really care about Rom Temporal ships and I probably wouldn't have bothered clicking on this thread if the OP had said what it was in the title (no offense to the OP). Heck I know a guy on another forum who just titles his threads with the first two words of his post, so they're all like "hey guys..." or "we need..." that really bugs me.

Anyway, we should get back on topic.