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Another thing to keep in mind is the need to keep multiple related starhip lines modular. A streamlined look would be way harder to realize. (see the Regent class neck for that). If that wouldn't be the case you couldn't mix and match the parts anymore. Youd basically just end up with lockbox-like ships where the only things you could do are, choose a hull texture and different decals. I'd rather not loose that freedom.
I don't see a big problem in making shipparts for especially streamline ships. The creator of those ship parts just has to pay aattention to the connections between the ship part (like saucer - neck).

The problem you are refering to (regent neck) only comes from the fact that they didn't made the regent ship parts intersect with the other assault cruiser ship parts. They just made the Regent without caring about the already existing ship models. That's not because of the Regent parts a more streamlined but because the designer obviously didn't had the time or mood to make a better product.

Speaking about the Assault Cruiser, i would really wish they would just add Noble and Majestic pylons but without the holes and edges. I find those ship parts highly annyoing and ugly. Additionally, i would really appreciate if some devs would set the saucers (noble, sovereign, imerial and majestic) more to the front when using the regent neck.
I know these a just small things, but they are really annoying when trying to create a good looking ship.

There is another thing i wish the devs would finally add. Some slider that lets us change the wideness of the pylons (and nacelles) a bit. Sometimes the availlable pylons are just a bit too wide (or narrow) for a certain configuration. I wish we could have some control there.
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