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01-12-2010, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by davidstone78 View Post

I've read a few posts relating to anti-aliasing, mostly talking about issues with how it works - my issue (which I couldn't find any other postings on) is that I seem unable to turn on anti-aliasing at all.

In the video options, if I mouse over the option, it says AA isn't available on my GPU. I've been into the ATI Catalyst settings therefore and set it to force anti-aliasing... and still no anti-aliasing!

I have dual Radeon HD 4600's, running on Vista.

Any pointers appreciated...
Well the obvious first place to start would be to upgrade the video drivers, but if that doesn't work, you can always go into Catalyst and force AA on. You lose the CFAA edge detect option when you do that, which is unfortunate as that yields the best results by far, but at least it would give you something.