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01-12-2010, 08:59 AM
Originally Posted by thelasthallow View Post
Intel HD Graphics are a joke. when they were making them they were running call of duty 2 maxed out and were saying how great it was. well a few years later they still blow and my GPU could max out call of duty 2 without stuttering like intels graphics were. granted intels stuff is better now then a couple of years ago. but my graphics card is still generally better than intels stuff. also its DX9c so my GPU is just as capable as theirs.

funny thing is Intels new GPU's are DX10 but are so weak they probably couldn't even run the start menu for crysis.

Edit. also my dads laptop is the exact same as mine except his has a 7150 in it. but iv done some checking and its the exact same as mine except its got a smaller process 90nm to mine wich is like 130nm or something. other than that it is no faster or better.
What are you smoking? Intel offer the best performance per on the market right now.
By you're reasoning your piddly little 6150 would beat an HD4850 etc. Amusing.

You're 6150 isn't even a card btw, it's an integrated POS.