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12-02-2013, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by crypticjoejing View Post
There hasn't been any changes that should have affected the armpits whatsoever. Is this a new issue?
I have not seen anything new with the armpits.
Btw, good change of the eyes. I didnt notice how bad they were until Ive see the new ones on tribble.

Originally Posted by capnkirk4 View Post
Maybe if everyone stops complaining about how the models look, Cryptic will stop "fixing" them. Then maybe, MAYBE, we can get some of the stuff that's really broken, fixed.
The guy in charge of the models is not going to fix crash or bugs, is like you ask a dentist to fix your car... and belive me, I am a dentist, I cant fix your car.

Sorry for bad english.


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