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01-12-2010, 10:09 AM
Originally Posted by KabaalGen
What are you smoking? Intel offer the best performance per on the market right now.
By you're reasoning your piddly little 6150 would beat an HD4850 etc. Amusing.

You're 6150 isn't even a card btw, it's an integrated POS.
and you think that Intel HD cards are dedicated? I hate to break it to you, but Intel's GPUs are all integrated cards too, and no, they really wouldn't outperform a Geforce 6150, not by any margin of note. They're literally just slightly newer integrated GPUs.

Now, I won't claim that a Geforce 6150 would be playing STO, at least not playably, even on the lowest settings and with a low resolution, but an Intel HD 4500 isn't going to do any better. You're talking about cards that can't even display the original content of WoW at anything but the absolute lowest settings, and maybe at 1024x768 (mine didn't run it well at the native panel resolution of my notebook, which was 1280x800).

I would advise anyone who thinks that an Intel HD graphics chip is going to run STO to visit, and check out their tests on that card, here. Nothing that scores under 1,000 in 3dmark 06 is going to be playing STO.