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01-12-2010, 11:34 AM
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Closed Beta starts with complications

It thus seems as if more users try to log in than previously suspected. In my case for quite a while i see "Retrieving list of characters ..." and then comes the message of the time out and I'm getting back to the login screen. The Forum is also already some posts, such as by stefman123:

Hey guys

Ive just played through the tutorial fine and was leaving after killing the borg cube to go to earth when i got the message on the load screen server not responding i waited a few mins then ctrl alt deleted out loged back in again and again the load screen said server not responding so i ctrl alt deleted out again loged in yet again and now all im getting is disconected from login server after i have loged in selected a toon and hit play.Im assuming its because of server stress at the payload its got on it but just in case i thought id post to see if it could be a problem my end

now im getting log in server connection time out so i guess that clarifiyes its server and not me

Seems as if the will "stress ECG," in the closed beta but not enough were suspected as before. In the final phase of 09.01.2009 - 11.01.2009 the connections to the servers were constantly interrupted so that Cryptic can work on the performance.

We will continue to investigate and keep you up to date.

I hope we can play soon and the release will not start like this.

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