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12-03-2013, 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by wry1 View Post
I'm excited by the arrival of the mac client.. but it's truly a beta... Are known issues being fixed and patched? I think all of us would appreciate patch notes specific to the mac client as fixes are run out. I for one experience a weird camera glitch that switches my view from full screen to windowed... usually in combat or cut scenes, and can't wait till this is fixed.
These are being addressed. I fixed the fullscreen/window random switching bug, and it should be getting into a patch in a couple of days.

For the next couple of days while we wait for that fix to go live, I believe you can limit the issue by not switching fullscreen/windowed mode while the game is running. That is, follow these steps: enter the game, setup your desired window/fullscreen mode, exit the game, and restart it. Then don't switch back and forth during gameplay.