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Originally Posted by orangeitis View Post
Huh. I always assumed that Starfleet was the Terran military program, and that other military programs of Fed worlds were just different militaries that cooperated with the rest.

Maybe it was just my denial that Starfleet is the be-all-end-all of the Federation.
It is more a hole in the writing than anything honestly.

Starfleet is a supposed to be a exploration and defense force not a military force , Picard even outright says this a couple of times.

That said there is never a mention of any actual military force outside of the Federation even during the likes of the Dominion war, it is shown that it is Starfleet acting as the first and last line of defense in space and on the ground.

The only mention of a seperate military force within Starfleet is the MACOs which is a united Earth thing not a Federation thing.
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