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01-12-2010, 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by cipher_nemo View Post
A couple of possibilities....

First, is your video card overclocked at all? Even if it came as an overclocked model? Use ATI Tool or whatever software you have to set the GPU and memory clock speeds back to stock. If that still doesn't help, or if you do not overclock, try turning down the speeds below stock (as far as they'll go) to test. That will help eliminate heat problems or an unstable video card. Can you play other games just fine that run in DirectX 9 at full screen?
It is factory overclocked, yes. I could try to down clock it. As for other games, I can play them just fine. Most recent game with some graphics muscle I have played has been ****.

Second, you have that nice Xonar audio card installed. As much as I know it's a pain, I'd suggest removing it and running on built-in audio to test. Uninstall the Asus Xonar drivers, and install the latest ones for your built-in audio. If you have the same crashes/lock-ups you can eliminate that problem, then reinstall it and the latest Xonar drivers.
Could try, but as a last resort.

Forth, if you're still having problems, try a different video card just to test. Any cheap card will do, even if gameplay is lagged as a result. I've seen these sort of problems with blank screening on both ATI and NVIDIA cards, and it has to do with the GPU, DAC, DVI bridge chip, etc. on the cards getting either a timeout and dropping connection or powering off prematurely from built-in safeties (ie: thermal shutdown).

Also, how is the cooling in your PC? Temps ok? Do you monitor them at all? Try running the same way with the case open (no side on it).

I went through three GTX 285 cards before I found a good one (brand new ones) that had this problem, but it happened after 1-2 hours of play, not minutes. I later upgraded to a GTX 295 any ways.
The only other card I have on hand that was not sold is an old x1800 gto, and to my knowledge, the reason I took it out and replaced it may have been because it was busted.. or not, that was awhile ago.

Temps are not an issue, my case is open and the ambient room temperatures are quite mild. But I'll try something drastic like blowing a very large fan into my case to dissipate heat.