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01-12-2010, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by HeadShok
There is another thread about this problem and we have a person in there that downloaded from the official download page yesterday, so I'm guessing that we are ok with our download site, however I am downloading as we speak from the offical torrent, 3MB/sec so hopefully it finishes soon and I'll know for sure.

I did ask the other thread to post specs, so far only one responded. We both have Win7 x64, he has latest ATI drivers, I have latest Nvidia, so...

I'm wondering does anybody have this problem on a 32bit system?

That was me that spent 24hrs downloading with this problem! Have also tried (as recommended by Cryptic) removing a file and allowing the launcher to re-patch...and am now trying to load as admisistrator as someone else suggested.....

The next clever suggestion from cryptic is to redo the download.....ermm...sounds like guess work to me!! Instead of waiting another 24hrs to download from their official site (not preordered with D2D and not paying for fileplanet) i'll wait 24hrs for them to speed the hamsters up and fix the glitch

good luck all and remember this is beta not launch...I'd rather this happened now than launch day!!