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01-12-2010, 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Tom View Post
If I did want to build my own, what are good components?

I see people seem to be raving about Antec cases. Also, I'm guessing a good 700 watt power supply for future upgradability, especially with higher end video cards and in some cases dual video cards. Asus motherboards still seem to be a standard.

If you want to go with Nvidia get a GTX260 216core edition, if you want to go with ATI get a 5770, both are reasonably priced and on par with each other performance wise. I would go with Nvidia personally since they tend to have better drivers and support, but the 5770 has the benefit of being DX11 compatible. Both are about $160 on newegg.

CPU I would recommend a core i7-860. Motherboard you can pick and choose, but gigabyte has a relatively inexpensive one. You can also go with AMD in which case I would suggest a Phenom X4 955 or 965.

Best hard drive to get fro the money is the Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black, $99 for that. You can also go with their caviar black 640gb model if you need less space. If you really have money to spend, then get an 80gb Intel SSD for your boot drive, but those are pricey at $290.

Get either 4gb or 8gb of ram also, 4gb will tend to be more than enough however.

Personally I would stick with a better name brand power supply, something like a Corsair, for your computer a 650Watt power supply would be more than enough, in fact quite overkill, but it would give you the option to expand to a multigpu solution later on in the future.

Case is really your choice, but Antec and Coolermaster both make good cases.

Originally Posted by altair068 View Post
I have the HP that the OP posted, with that Radeon HD 4350. So am I SOL for playing Star Trek Online unless I upgrade to a new card?
You can probably play the game at low low settings. I would recommend getting a 5770 or GTX260 again. Or you can also shoot for an HD 5570(being released soon), that would run the game too. If your low on cash, a 9800GT is a rather cheap card to get at $99... Even cheaper is a 4670 at $70, but a 9800gt will eat a 4670 for breakfast, and likewise a 5770 or GTX260 will eat a 9800gt, easily 2x the performance.