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01-12-2010, 03:30 PM
Some info that might help solve this issue.
I was leaving the P'Jem system after completing the diplomacy mission. The instance list came up for Sirius sector as expected. On the list there were 134 instance, the 134th showed 0 players, several showed 42-45 players and most showed 54 players. I selected the instance with 0 players and got the message that the map was full and dumped back to the login screen. I logged back in and found myself back in the P'Jem system so i tried again. Again the list looked as it had before. several instances of 42-45 players, most with 54 players and again a 134th instance with 0 players. This time I selected one of the instances with 42-45 figuring maybe the 134th instance wasn't actually available and those instances being less than 54 (which seemed to be the player limit in sector space). However, this too gave the map full message and another dump to login.

This indicates, to me at least, that the max number of instances is 133 and there's a max players per map setting that's preventing the last few instances from filling up. Whether this is a software or hardware limit I couldn't determine from my end.

When players encounter the map full, please don't jump us to the login screen.
1) Instead keep us in our current location and bring the instance list back up. Then we can at least see if an opening becomes available and/or try to enter one of the less populated instances.
2) Put us into a queue to get in as soon as a spot opens up.