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01-12-2010, 02:32 PM
Originally Posted by robgomm View Post
I have terrible lag, despite having a 20mb connection, current speed about 3.5 to 5mb. I beamed over to the khitomer and then i cant talk to the doctor because i literally cant walk to him because it lafs so bad.
I'm kinda glad you said that because I put a good three grand into my PC, so i know it isn't my PC...but i live way out in the country that i'm stuck with DSL. I never had lag issues with EvE or LOTRO.

This just confirms that this lag issue isn't about our PCs or Internet connection.

I'm not that tech savy, but if you internet connection speed is good, and your PC is great, then what else causes serious lag? I'm not complaining because it's open beta i'm just curiouis since i never really dealt with lag like this before.